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Food For Thought: Healthy Food For Mental Clarity

The brain is the epicenter of it all. It controls your entire life. Yes, your cardiovascular system keeps the blood pumping, but the brain controls everything. That's why your brain must stay at optimal mental clarity. However, we all have days where we lack that mental clarity. We cannot focus, recall memory, or concentrate. Some call it "brain fog," and others call it mental fatigue. Either way, you don't want your brain clouded, but what can you do about it? Fortunately, making a few nutritional changes to your diet can clear up the fog and get you back to mental clarity.

Olive Oil

Olive oil, extracted from green olives, is as versatile as it is healthy for the brain. Olive oil is a liquified fat that provides healthy unsaturated fat for optimal brain function and the preservation of its long-term health. Since olive oil is versatile, it can be used on salad dressing, sautéing, or boiling. Olive oil is loaded with biologically active antioxidants such as oleocanthal and oleuropein. These protect your cells against oxidative stress. Excess free radicals damage the brain cells and can cause certain neurodegenerative disorders.


Avocados have long been hailed for their healthy monosaturated fat, potassium,