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l da
May 04, 2022
In General Discussions
However, bbc websites - particularly those hosting stolen data - may not respond to requests for removal. Even if someone hosting data agrees to removal, personal information may also be discoverable on archived versions of web pages. The information may also be hosted on websites that are designed not to appear in Google search results, but whose location is widely known by criminals. 'Doxxing' Google already lets people request the removal of certain types of sensitive information, for example under-18s are able to ask for photos of themselves to be removed from Google's image search results. And it already allows users to remove select medical and financial records from search results, and contact information disclosed through "doxxing" accompanied by "explicit or implicit threats". 'Doxxing' refers to the release of private information about individuals online, usually with malicious intent.
People can now get contact info cut from Google search results
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l da

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